June 9, 2012

My nails are better than yours

June 8, 2012

Shady lady volumes 1,2,3

I got all 3 of The Balm's Shady Lady volumes. They are kind similar but different. I've been wanting to try their shadows because I have heard so much great things. Such as no fall out, highly pigmented, and easily blendable. Well I have tried it out and I agree except the shadows are a little powdery so there is some fall pit. However, the palettes are the same quality as the single shadows. It's still a great buy. I am a happy girl.


These are surprised flowers from my love for me. He hand picked each out at the shop and each type of flower has meaning behind it. Sweet isn't he? As for my sickness, I've been coughing and lost my voice for a week now. I'm finally getting better but with all this work, I don't know when it will be gone for good. Fingers crossed.