April 3, 2012

New Products

I recently just bought a few new products to test out.  I'm one of those people who know what products works best but can't help trying other things out.  One of my favorite products I purchased lately is the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation.  I originally came for their old super pigmented foundation that was only $36 but they are discontinuing it =(.  The newer products I got was $42 and is less pigmented, however, it is still full coverage and contains primer products inside to help it stay on longer.  Smart on the company's part.  They are charging more for less quality product.  I still think Illamasqua is one of the top makeup companies out there.  Their products are AMAZING!

I recently purchased Model in a Bottle, which is a setting spray, and loved it.  However, I always have to have two of something so I invested in Urban Decay's All Nighter.  It is suppose to last for 16 hours it claims and it sets matte.  I do think the All Nighter has more product and I love how it sprays much better.  The Model in a Bottle squirts more than sprays.  The Urban Decay's All Nighter gives an even spray that distributes all over the face.  It does cost more though.  It is $29 compared to Model in a Bottle, which I bought for only $14.  

I have always heard about how hemp is wonderful on the skin.  I originally heard from my sister and mom when they showed me their hemp face wash and body wash.  Honestly I thought it was too drying but did agree it cleaned like a mother.  So I invested in the product below, Hemp Pure Herbal Body Lotion.  It is enriched with 100% pure organic hemp seed oil.  It contains vitamin C, E, and E and smells wonderful.  

And lastly, I purchased Desert Essence Natrual Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads.  I recently got into different oils, but have been hearing the benefits of tea tree oils for a long time.  It is for more acne prone skin but I got it for a good cleaning.  Tea tree oil is one of those oils that actually can dry out the skin.  Kind of like grapefruit oil.  

I am excited about my new products and cannot wait to keep using them =)