October 30, 2011

Laser Hair Removal

If you asked me one year ago about getting laser hair removal I would of said "No way!".  But after my sister was finishing her laser hair removal sessions I decided to ask my doctor if it was alright and finally giving into it as well.  I started my first getting laser hair removal for my underarms and now starting on my Brazilian.  I have gotten only two sessions for each of the two places and I have to admit, the results are AMAZING.  Although it has only been two sessions for each, more than half of my hair is gone.  Everyday I am thankful I did it.  I think it was the best gift I gave myself.  

Laser hair removal is done by a FDA approved laser.  It feels like little rubber bands snapping at your skin or a bit of a zap. An area normally only takes about 5 minutes or less.  My board certified laser surgeon said that it normally takes an average person 6 sessions for all the hairs to go away.  It depends on the person and how much hair they have.  A session is done every 6-8 weeks and the hairs normally starts shedding for me on the third week.  Normally about 20% of the hair goes away after a session.  It also thins down hair so all the thicker ones go away.  

I really recommend people who hate shaving or hate that they have a shadow from shaving.  It makes the area very smooth and 'flawer' looking.  The great thing about laser hair removal is that you do not need to grow it out for the procedure, which beats waxing.  You can always have it shaved or you have the option to, unlike waxing.  The only downside to laser hair removal is you can hyper pigment in that area.  I heard it is unlikely.

October 28, 2011

MAC Foundation Comparisons

I normally hear “MAC foundations don’t work on my skin, they are too heavy” or “MAC foundation looks unnatural”.  People! MAC has a variety of foundations, not just one.  I decided to do a short breakdown of all ten of their foundations with my opinion since I have own and tried all of them:
Matchmaster- ($32.50 for 1.18oz) Their newest foundation addition.  This product supposedly has technology in it that will adjust to your natural skin color.  It is a medium coverage that is "demi-matte", meaning that it matte but not over drying.  On my skin it looks pretty natural looking.  The colors do not follow the typical MAC color system of NC or NW.  Instead it uses a number system, 1 being lightest and 10 being dark.  I am normally a NC30 to NC35 and can pass for a 3 or a 4.  Either of them work for me.  I actually really like this foundation.  It is pricier than the regular foundations but it comes in a larger container with a pump.  I would say it is good for people with combination to oily skin who want somewhat of a coverage.

Face and Body- ($32.50 for 4 oz) When first using this product I hated it.  It was runny and hard to work with.  I used it for a couple weeks and liked it.  It is a water based product that is sheer when first applied.  However, it is buildable.  MAC claims that it is for your face and body but it does smear if touched.  Therefore, it is not a good product to use near clothing.  It normally gives me a dewy look and has a sheen look to it.  I recommend this product for people who want a sheer look with minimum coverage who have combination to dry skin.  I do not recommend for oily skin.  It is a good product to mix with other water based foundations to thin them down.

Studio Sculpt- ($29.50 for 1.3 oz) This is my very favorite MAC foundation.  It is normally looked passed because it does not nearly get enough recognition.  When people say they dislike MAC foundations, I normally introduce them to this product and they love it.  This foundation is gel based.  It is medium to full coverage and has a natural finish to it.  I would say it has the most coverage for a foundation that has fuller coverage.  It feels lightweight and has enough coverage for my skin.  This product is good for people who have combination to oily skin who like a fuller coverage but want a natural look.  It is also great for photography.

Studio Moisture- ($30 for 1.3 oz)  This is MAC's tinted moisturizer.  I am not a big fan of tinted moisturizers.  However, this would be a good product for people who are typically on the go who want a little coverage with some nourishing factors.  It is good for people who have combination to dry skin who isnt looking for a full on heavy look.  MAC tries to sell it by claiming it has SPF but it only has SPF 15, which is similar to their other foundations.

Pro Longwear- ($29.50 for 1 oz) First I hated this foundation and then after using it for weeks and later months, I have grown to love it.  It literally lasts for 9 hours on me but MAC claims it lasts for 15 hours.  It is wonderful for oily skin but not so friendly for dry skin.  It is their mattest foundation that they have.  It definitely controls oil and clings to skin like no other.  It is medium coverage in my opinion so it is great for those who with oily skin who want a bit of a coverage that will last all day long.  It also comes with a convenient pump.

Studio Fix Fluid- ($26.50 for 1 oz) This is MAC's most popular foundation for a very long time.  It is also my mom's go to foundation for everyday wear. It dries matte and is medium to full coverage.  I find it to last on my skin for about 6 hours.  This may sound like a good foundation for teens who want a lot of cover up but I have found that it is not so friendly for ache prone skill.  It has silicone products in it that may clog pores.  I get a lot of people who claim to say that this foundation makes their skin break out.  It can be a turn off for some, but it is still a good everyday foundation for those who have combination to oily skin who want a good coverage.  My biggest complain of this foundation is that it does not come with a pump.  When you get to the bottom you have to get a thin enough brush to take out the product.  MAC do have pumps that you can buy.  I think they are around $4 per pump.

Select- I find this product very similar to the Studio Fix foundation.  It is also medium coverage and does not come with a pump.  The only difference is it is an water-based product.  I find this more suitable for for those who are allergic to silicone or have ache prone skin.  It is a good everyday foundation for those who have combination to oily skin

Mineralize Satinfinish- ($26.50 for 1 oz)  This foundation came out when mineralize products became popular.  It probably the least selling right now and I can see why.  It is too shimmery.  It contains light reflecting particles that may make you look oily.  I have to be honest and say it is my least favorite.  The coverage is sheer to light.  It may be good and work for people who like that "dewy" look who are not looking for a foundation that covers too much.  Normally it works with people who already have fabulous skin who want just a little.  I did not find that it lasts as well as the other foundations.

Studio Fix Powder Plus- ($26.50 for .52 oz) This is the reason I fell in love with MAC.  In high school, this was my go to product every single day.  It is a powder that comes in a compact.  It covers extremely well for a powder and lasts for about 6 hours on my skin.  It does contain silicone so again it may make ache prone skin break out.  It glides on very smooth and is great for blotting oily skin.  Nowadays, I typically use it for touching up.  It is quick and I can carry it around everywhere.  It is full coverage so it may not be preferred by those who normally like a sheer to medium foundation.  My biggest complaint of this product is the sponge it comes with.  You need to wash it with soap and dry it every so often (because it can collect and build up oils from your face).

Studio Tech- ($29.50 for .35 oz)  This is a foundation that has the least amount of products out of all the products.  It is a cream foundation that comes also in a form of a compact.  It feels lightweight on my skin and smells pretty fab.  When it drys it leaves a cooling semi matte look.  This product is good for those who want a foundation on the go but do not like Studio Fix's Power Plus foundation.  It is more light weight and works for those who do not want a super full coverage.

There is my quick (or long) breakdown of all the different foundations that MAC has to offer.  I hope you find a foundation that is right for your skin.  Remember, how your skin looks with foundation also depends how how well you take care of your skin, what primer you use, what you use on top of foundation, the right color, and also how you apply it.  I hope you have found this helpful and please feel free to leave any comments or questions

The BB Cream Trend

You may heard of BB creams and if you have not, you will.  BB creams or Blemish Balm Cream started in Korea and is the hottest thing in Asia right now.  It is slowly becoming popular in the U.S. as well.  It is a beauty product that is formulated to be soothing and contain skin-regenerating properties.  Many companies claim that they contain ingredients that are helpful to the skin, such as caffeine, Aloe Vera, and SPF of 30 and higher.  Some even have whitening agents and anti-aging ingredients.  BB creams are generally not heavy and feel nourishing on the skin.  When I first heard of BB creams my first question was “what is the difference between a BB Cream and tinted moisturizer?”  I learned that they are in deed very similar, however, generally, BB creams have higher SPF and anti-aging agents.  That is not true for all BB creams since many tinted moisturizers contain similar products.  I believe that BB creams are a new selling point and everyone loves something new.  Therefore different cosmetic brands are catching on the trend to compete with other brands.  For example, MAC cosmetics joined the trend by recently adding their own BB Cream to their Prep + Prime collection, the MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm.  The beauty balm claims to be “lightly tinted in a nearly sheer beige tone to work on an array of complexions, it creamily re-texturizes the skin and then goes on to excel at being a face primer with high everyday UVA/UVB SPF 35 defense”.  The 1 ounce tube is a whooping $30.  I have learned that MAC reps have been telling people that their new BB cream actually works well as a primer rather than what most BB creams claim to work as.  I have yet to try the new product but find that it is not a true BB cream.  

Overall, BB creams are still fairly new in the states and I am waiting for that perfect product that will do everything. 

October 26, 2011

New Olay Products

I recently ran out of my Kirkland face moisturizer and my Kirkland eye cream recently.  I have been low on cash so I decided to purchase two new Olay moisturizers, the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream ($35) and the Olay Complete Fortifying Night Cream ($12).  The Regenerist is a night and day moisturizer that I use for the daytime and the Olay Complete Fortifying is one that I use for the nighttime.  I have used both for about two days and I noticed that they are very rich but non-greasy.  I like both so far and they are very affordable and smell wonderful.  I use the face point system for both, where I dab my finger in the jar and dab in five areas (my nose, two checks, forehead, and chin) and rub it out.  So far, so good, but I need awhile before I see anything.  I have yet to buy an eye cream but am looking.

Why Does Makeup Work?

I found an article about why women wear makeup.  You can find it HERE 

It's extremely interesting!