May 16, 2012

A Sephora Stop

I came into Sephora today to help my girlfriend pick out some makeup.  We ended up getting her some Nars blush, a brush, and some Make Up Forever Lipstick.  It was pretty fast and she was pretty open to trying out new things... which led me to bring up a point (okay maybe more) about makeup...

ITS NOT PERMANENT!!!  It's annoying when people point out which makeup look does not look good and make a big fuss about it.  Makeup washes off.  It would be simply boring to wear the same look everyday.  Change it up and have fun with it.  It's funny because some people say those who wear makeup are insecure with their looks, but in reality, many who don't wear makeup are actually too insecure and scared to wear makeup.  They feel they can not pull off certain makeup looks or colors.  Those are the ones that care more about what others think about them.  Makeup is suppose to be fun and it can help bring out your best features.  So why not wear it?  And the whole argument about it ruining your skin.  As long as you wash it off well everyday and you take care of your skin, its gonna be fine...

So back to shopping at Sephora...  My latest obsession is cream blushes.  It started with a simple MAC one and grew into a bunch of them.  Then I recently got the Stila one and purchased a Philosophy pinky color one today.  I tried on a Makeup Forever one at Sephora and really liked it.  I think its the dewy natural look of it that I love.  I find powder blushes to fade quickly and look blotchy at the end of the day.  Cream blushes really are beautiful.  

I am also really loving sheer foundations at the moment.  They are great for work.