October 30, 2011

Laser Hair Removal

If you asked me one year ago about getting laser hair removal I would of said "No way!".  But after my sister was finishing her laser hair removal sessions I decided to ask my doctor if it was alright and finally giving into it as well.  I started my first getting laser hair removal for my underarms and now starting on my Brazilian.  I have gotten only two sessions for each of the two places and I have to admit, the results are AMAZING.  Although it has only been two sessions for each, more than half of my hair is gone.  Everyday I am thankful I did it.  I think it was the best gift I gave myself.  

Laser hair removal is done by a FDA approved laser.  It feels like little rubber bands snapping at your skin or a bit of a zap. An area normally only takes about 5 minutes or less.  My board certified laser surgeon said that it normally takes an average person 6 sessions for all the hairs to go away.  It depends on the person and how much hair they have.  A session is done every 6-8 weeks and the hairs normally starts shedding for me on the third week.  Normally about 20% of the hair goes away after a session.  It also thins down hair so all the thicker ones go away.  

I really recommend people who hate shaving or hate that they have a shadow from shaving.  It makes the area very smooth and 'flawer' looking.  The great thing about laser hair removal is that you do not need to grow it out for the procedure, which beats waxing.  You can always have it shaved or you have the option to, unlike waxing.  The only downside to laser hair removal is you can hyper pigment in that area.  I heard it is unlikely.