November 1, 2011

Halloween Ready

Between being super busy and the madness I somehow kept calm to take care of everyone and pull their makeup together.  Maybe because I love doing it.

I will start with the most obvious, the black swan.  Below is actually my sister as the black swan.  I started off with the eyes to clean any fall out easier.  I used liquid liner, gel liner, liner, and glitter. I chose lashes that were obvious but not too much. The red on the eyes was my recommendation to her because I wanted a bit of color to still help the eyes pop.  The net design around the eyes was also thought up by me. There is a scene in the black swan where she wears nets over her face while she transforms into the black swan.  I used that as inspiration and did it around the eyes for a dramatic effect.  My sister, Kimmy, loved it.  I was also inspired by the scene where Natalie portman applies white powder on her face after she kills another ballerina so I incorporated that into my sisters version by applying it to her nose and under her eyes.  It helped highlight her features.  I finished with dark red lipstick and dark red conturing. As for her hands, I smeared black and white all over to give het a grudgy look.  The false tattoo looking wings I did in about 45 minutes. I originally wanted to fill them in with paint bit the empty unfinished look made it look raw. Her feather corset is actually mine from Victoria Secret and the crown was actually a children's.  Everything was pulled together perfectly I am I so happy how she turned out. Don't you agree?

The Marilyn Monroe is my mom.  She made herself the dress and I went with her to get the wig.  Her makeup was the easiest.  I chose to contour her eyes like the shape that miss Monroe has, a deeper hallow toward the upper crease.  I keep her eyes simple with some flared out lashes and mascara.  I also copied marilyn's brows to make her look as much like marilyn as she can.  Of course the last obvious thing was to give her red lips with gloss. She felt amazing and you can tell at the party.

The little red riding hood makeup was me :).  It was very similar to my moms Marilyn Monroe but more dramatic.  I did a cut crease with silver on the lids and brown in the crease.  I drew some winged liner on top and bottom. I also applied rhinestones around the eyes and applied thick lashes. On the lips I used my moat favorite red lip color, MAC Red.  The red matched my hood and skirt which made all the red pop.

The party was insane and so much fun.  The Nobles went all out again.  What matters to me is that everyone felt beautiful in their costume and makeup.  That's what mattered.  My job is done :)