November 5, 2011

Top Findings in 2011 and My Wishlist

Top 10 Things of 2011
These are the top items I received or invested in that I absolutely adore.  These are life changers (not in any order)...

1. MacBook Air- I'm small and the size is perfect for me to carry wherever.  It's been wonderful to me. 

2. Ipad 2- I have my MacBook Air but this is perfect to use in bed laying down.  I love that it is touch screen which makes browsing so much easier.  I am thinking of even getting one for my mom. 

3. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (128)- The best full coverage foundation out there that looks extremely natural.  And it's awesome for photography!  $40 a bottle well spent. 

4. Hair Tinsels- So much fun for the summer and in the sun play.  I like the subtle black ones.  I get tons of compliments when they are in.  I am definitely getting them put in for the cruise.

5. Sony Waterproof Camera- An awesome gift I got for my cruise.  Last time we went I had to make sure the camera did not get wet... well with this one I will have no worries.  I love it.   

6. MAC Acrylic Paint (in black as liquid eye liner)- I almost wear liquid eyeliner everyday and its a pain when it runs out.  I discovered that I could use the acrylic paint in black (.6 oz) because it is water proof and safe to us around the eyes.  Its been great to me. 

7. Cosmetic Mirror with Light- My biggest annoyance with applying making is lighting.  Prior to getting my cosmetic mirror with a light, I was using just a large mirror with my room light.  It was always too dark and did not shine directly on my face.  With this new item I can easily see what is going on, especially because it has a magnification mirror on the back where I can rotate.  Awesome!

8. Ipod Nano in Graphite- Jogging would be so boring without it.  It's awesome to transfer music from my MacBook Air and it clips on my shorts.  I love that I can easily switch songs with two clicks.  Its the perfect gadget for a runner.

9. Dinair Airbrush System- This airbrush machine definitely makes applying makeup fun.  It's fast and does make your skin look flawless.  Its great for airbrush art of all kinds.  It was a really good investment. 

10. Chanel Large Flap Bag- It's Chanel and it's a classic.  Need I say more?

These are the top items I either want or want to try out (not in a specific order)...

1. Carisonic Cleaning System- Because I use makeup everyday, I need a good cleaning everyday.  This little tool is suppose to deep pore clean and exfoliate the skin leaving it polished and feeling lovely.  I believe it would be awesome for someone like me who uses cosmetics everyday. 

2. Nike Running Shoes-  Nike has the cutest running shoes that are lightweight and comfortable. 
My shoes now are worn out and I am in desperate need of some new ones. 

3. Ipod Speakers (works with nano)- I really want some for travel or just to use at home while I am getting ready.

4. Inglot Eyeshadows-  I heard they are comparable to MAC's and come in a variety of colors.  I love their palettes and how they give you so much product for much cheaper than MAC's.  

5. Chanel Quilted Wallet (with a zip pocket)- I cannot have a purse without a matching wallet.  Their zip pocket ones are the perfect size. 

6.Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in 215- I heard that its an awesome full coverage foundation that would also be good for photography.  I love how Illamasqua's products are extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way.  I really want to test this product out. 

7. Face Steamer- Like I said prior, I love a good cleaning.  Face steamers open up your pores for some good cleaning. 

8. La Mer's Creme De La Mer and Concentrate Serum- I have always wanted to try La Mer's product since it has such a cult like following.  It's just so darn expensive and have not gotten the guts to fork out the cash for it.  Someday though...

9. Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips- Two hours?  Hell ya!  I hate using the old white strips for 2 weeks everyday to get results.  Convenience is the way to go and if it only takes 2 hours, I'll do it. 

10. Diamond Earrings- Yes... I can't resist putting it on my list.  There is nothing more beautiful yet still so simple.  I envy all the ladies that already has some.